I have had the privilege of knowing Dan Cruver since the first Band of Bloggers in 2006.  He has consistently championed the gospel and its implications in our lives, especially as it relates to adoption and orphan care.  So when he asked me to read his forthcoming book and consider writing an endorsement, I was honored and excited.  Reclaiming Adoption: Missional Living Through the Rediscovery of Abba Father includes various authors such as John Piper, Scotty Smith, Rick Phillips and Jason Kovacs.  You will definitely want to get this book.

Here’s my official endorsement:

“I have heard it said that our adoption in Christ is the excellency and apex of God’s salvation. In fact, we’re told that this adoption has cosmic implications as all creation awaits the revelation of once flagrant rebels now glorified children of God (Rom. 8:19). I’m greatly blessed—and I know you will be as well—by the capable guides in Reclaiming Adoption who propel us to the breathtaking views of God’s Trinitarian work of adopting us as His own. Not only that, but this book causes you to take it in chapter by chapter. Having been thrilled by God’s adopting love, you are set free to live from God’s acceptance of you, not striving for it; to go on a rescue mission after rebels because God’s missionary heart has included you.”

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