Today, with my 10,000th tweet, I am happy to make known to you a project that has been in the works for several years–the PLNTD Network.

This is a new network that is singular in its purpose and simple in its design.  Its focus is the Great Commission, its passion is the local church, and its vision is seeing local churches owning the Great Commission to the point of reproducing themselves in new expressions of gospel-centered faithfulness.

The beta version of our resourcing website is live, and I have the privilege of beginning with a series called “Bring It Back” where, over a series of twelve articles, I lay out the call to bring church planting back to the local church and how PLNTD seeks to encourage, assist, and empower local churches and church planters for that specific task.  Over the next couple of months, we plan to stock the resource warehouse, develop relational communities, and share about the work of residency centers in local churches for training future church planters.  Together, we believe that resourcing, relationships, and residencies will help catalyze the vision of PLNTD and provide the kind of synergy we hope will inspire and encourage churches and planters alike in the call of the Great Commission.

There are several ways in which you can find out more information or get plugged into the PLNTD Network, not the least of which include:

* subscribe to the PLNTD feed
* follow PLNTD on Twitter
* join the PLNTD Facebook page
* sign up for the PLNTD e-newsletter

There is so much about PLNTD that has me really excited and hopeful about the future work of church planting in Baptist life.  I believe PLNTD has the potential to, on the one hand, reach out to the younger generation who are passionate about gospel-centeredness, missional living, and incarnational community, and on the other hand, reach out to the elder generation and provide opportunity to partner together for the renewal and revitalization of Baptist churches through a Great Commission resurgence.

We invite you to join us in the PLNTD Network to see church planting thrive in the church, by the church, and for the church!