Bob Thune of Coram Deo in Omaha has recently put out a working definition of missional church planting. His definition?

Church Planting is planting the seed of the gospel in the soil of a culture and trusting the sovereignty of God to bring forth a thriving church.

The four elements Thune wanted to capture in this definition were (1) gospel proclamation and demonstration (planting seed), (2) contextualization (understanding the soil), (3) prayerful dependence (resting in God’s sovereignty), and (4) gospel renewal (goal is a thriving church).  He adds this definition “is organic; it sees a visible church as the end rather than the beginning (people living as missionaries in their culture is the beginning); it involves both hard work and patient, prayerful dependence on God.”

I’m intrigued by this definition, and from an initial reflection, I dig it.  As I reflect on this more, I was wondering what you thought about Thune’s definition.  Agree or disagree?  Does it say enough? Too much?