Michael Spencer (iMonk) has been working on a great blog series call “evangelical liturgy,” and his most recent offering addressed the public reading of Scripture.  Growing up in Southern Baptist churches all my life, I was not a member of a church that employed the public reading of Scripture until I was 26 years old.  I was originally planning on sharing about my journey into this practice here at Grace, but before I do, I wanted to poll the P&P audience and ask you about it.  So here it is.  Be sure to cast your vote!

* For clarification, I am not talking about the preacher reading the text as part of his sermon but rather a time dedicated to the public reading of Scripture outside the sermon itself, usually during the period of singing, where the congregation is called to hear the Word of God.

If you’d like to share why your church does or does not practice the public reading of Scripture, please do so in the comments.