About this time last year, Dr. Chuck Lawless, dean of the Billy Graham Center for Evangelism, Missions & Church Growth at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, wrote an open letter to the younger generation of Southern Baptists exhorting them to stay connected, don’t give up on the SBC, and stay focused on the Great Commission.  Last week, Dr. Lawless again wrote an open letter, this time to the older generation of Southern Baptists.  In it, he argues that older Southern Baptists ought to (1) love (2) listen to (3) learn from (4) labor in prayer on behalf of, and (5) lead the younger generation of Southern Baptists.

Whether you are young or old in the SBC, I encourage you to check out the good words of exhortation from one lives in both worlds.  We can, by God’s grace,  bridge the generational gaps that exist, beginning with an uninterrupted, undistracted, and unpolluted passion for the gospel of Jesus Christ in all areas of life and ministry.

Be sure to read his letter in its entirety.