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The last three things for 2009 are related to the church. They are:

7.  Seek First the Kingdom of God in My City

I know this probably sounds generic, but much like “loving your neighbor as yourself” has captured me on the family front, seeking first the kingdom of God continues to bring me in deeper awareness of my need for the preeminence of Christ, centrality of His gospel, and focus on His mission.  Where this comes down to the church is helping to create a culture of a missionary people preoccupied not with “what they will eat, drink or wear” (maintenance) but how to live with an ongoing pursuit of the advancement of the gospel in and through their lives (mission).

8.  Help Plant GBC’s First Church in SW Florida

Grace has been involved in helping start churches overseas (in places such as Peru, Tajikistan, and Greece), and since June of 2008, a new church planting initiative was launched to become a church planting church in SW Florida.  Since September, we have been holding meetings with a core group and are looking to begin the pre-launch phase next month.  The journey to planting a church is a challenging and joyful one, and I look forward to giving myself in the establishing of another gospel-driven church 45 minutes away from Grace!

9.  Develop the Internal Ministry Design and Discipleship Process at Grace

During Christmas, I mapped about seven different areas within the fellowship of Grace that I hoped to develop, including the A-Team (attractional church emphasis), missional DNA, membership process, leadership (discovery, development, and delegation), discipleship process (personal worship, family worship, corporate worship), etc.  Grace takes on a simple-structure church model, and I hope to development these processes in order to bring greater alignment and weight to the vision and direction of our church.

Well, those are some of the things I am looking forward to in 2009.  What about you?  Anything you sense God leading you to do this year that you would like to share?