This weeks marks five months that I have been on staff at Grace Baptist in Cape Coral, Florida.  This has been a wonderful and eventful journey to say the least!  Four of those past five months have been spent focusing on church planting with our church’s new church planting initiative.  On July 13,Tom Ascol shared with the church the evidence from Scripture (in particular the book of Acts) that a church cannot fulfill the Great Commission apart from being a church planting church.  He carefully walked us through the movement of the gospel by the Spirit in the early church to see how churches were established and multiplied.  Those of you familiar with this past summer will be intrigued to know that it was the following evening that he was struck by lightning.

During the month of August (and part of September), I preached through the prayers of Paul for the churches he planted during the two month period our church was praying about future developments and church planting efforts.  Since then, we have begun the initial phase of our first church plant with the vision planting several more in the years to come.

In order to faciliatate discussion, provide resources, and encourage those involved in church planting, a new blog was created called Sowing Grace.  Tom Ascol and I will be addressing issues related to church planting directly related to our church planting center but also indirectly to anyone who finds the information profitable.

For the remainder of 2008, the schedule of articles for Sowing Grace will be the following:

Sunday: Prayers of Paul for the Churches He Planted (with MSS by me)
Monday: Monday Is for Membership: Walking through Thabiti Anyabwile’s What Is a Healthy Church Member?
Tuesday: Cultivating Community Contacts (focus on being evangelistic and living missional)
Wednesday: Theological Reflection of the Early Church in Acts
Thursday: Core Values: Walking through C.J. Mahaney’s Humility: True Greatness
Friday: Fuel Friday: Resources related to Church Planting
Saturday: Excerpts from literature related to Church Planting

The goal of this website is to balance theological reflection with practical application so that church planting efforts are convictionally biblical and carefully applicational.  If you or someone you know might be intersted in Sowing Grace, please pass it on and join the discussion.

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