It is intriguing, is it not, that during the height of the political season, Jesus is being used as a selling point to the American people.  The most recent example of this can be found in the comments made by Representative Steve Cohen who said:

Those of us who profess allegiance to Jesus Christ cannot allow Him to be painted in colors of blue or red.  Furthermore, we cannot allow ourselves to be identified with a political party or set our hopes on anyone who would sit in the Oval Office.  Jesus Christ was not a community organizer nor would He be running for President of the United States.  Let’s be clear on that.

The off-hand comments of ill-informed politicians in Washington D.C. can do us good by causing us to consider afresh the life and mission of Jesus Christ.  One look at His story will reveal that He is anything but a community organizer.  The change He brought was not by empty promises packaged in campaign slogans but soaked in blood which confirmed the covenant of redemption settled before anyone had a vote.  His healing and teaching could amass thousands, but His final hour left Him despised and rejected.  He could have lobbied with the greatest in society but chose to dine with those who had nothing to offer.  In his hometown, He was without honor, and the fickle crowds that cried “Hosanna!” are the very people that voted for His crucifixion.

Indeed, Jesus was not a community organizer. Jesus is the Son of God who inaugurated a kingdom that cannot be shaken and whose rule has no end.  May we who have such a King neither set our hopes nor settle our consciences with any other naive notion to rival the cosmic-changing cry, “Let your kingdom come.”  Only then will we remind ourselves that Jesus is not a talking point but the Lamb who sits on the throne.