Everyone’s buzzing about the rock star that is Sarah Palin.  Yet, I notice that little if any press is given to the other VP candidate, Senator Joe Biden.  I thought I’d make a couple Biden observations in an effort to provide a little balance in coverage.

1.  A little over two years ago, Senator Biden proposed a plan for Iraq to divide the nation into three sections by race and religion, Shiite, Sunni, and Kurds respectively.  This plan, in effect, would be an implementation of forced segregation based on race.  Is it not ironic that the first black man running for President of the United States has a running mate not only in favor of segregation but forced segregation?

2.  This past Sunday, Biden went on record stating that he believes life begins at conception (in accordance with the Roman Catholic Church).  Apparently, that knowledge was not above his pay grade. 😉  And yet, Biden’s conviction does not translate into his position.  You see, while he believes that life begins at conception, he readily accepts the murder of unborn babies and even voted against curtailing abortion rights.

Maybe I understand why the Obama media is not paying attention to their vice-presidential candidate.  Segregation and murder won’t sell well with the American people.