Ever since I first heard of The Gospel Coalition (in March 2007), I was really jazzed about the potential of this new gospel-centered effort to recover the gospel in evangelical life and renew the vision for healthy churches constrained by the mission of God.  They have hosted several conferences in the past, and although I was not able to attend them, I was encouraged by their outcome. If you are unfamiliar with TGC, you might want to read the founding documents (preamble | confession | theological vision for ministry).

A couple of months ago, The Gospel Coalition completely reworked their website and now hosts a rich storehouse of resources including messages from council members.  Another addition to the website is the Themelios Journal which is available online for free to download (includes authors such as D.A. Carson, Carl Trueman, Michael Haykin, G.K. Beale, Craig Blomberg, and many others.  I encourage you to check out this great resource.

Upcoming in April 21-23, 2009 will be The Gospel Coalition National Conference, to be held at the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center in Rosemont, Illinois.  The theme of the conference is “Entrusted with the Gospel: Living the Vision of Second Timothy” (does the theme sound familiar? :)). Speaking at the conference are Tim Keller, John Piper, Mark Driscoll, Ligon Duncan, D.A. Carson, Phil Ryken, Ajith Fernando, and several more. There isn’t a conference theme or series of sessions more pertinent today than what you will find in this conference!  To register for the conference, go here.

About the future.  Since leaving seminary, one of the things I have been thinking long and often about is where and how I will seek to invest my life in the local church and in the kingdom of God.  God has clearly revealed to me the former, and I am thrilled to serve in a church where the gospel and the mission is so central.  But the latter is where TGC comes in.  There are many good organizations and networks out there in evangelical life, and the sheer number of conferences today reveal that there great things going on.  Having said that, I am inclined to believe that the my best offerings for the kingdom of God will be in the work at Founders Ministries and also in The Gospel Coalition.  The vision of these two networks is almost identical though in different contexts.  Both are about the recovery of the gospel and renewal of confessional integrity.  Both are seeking to bring reform through local churches and their developing their leaders, and in God’s providence, I find myself in the convergence of one vision among two networks.

So anyway, I thought I’d put my cards on the table and let you know where I stand and where I, Lord willing, will be standing in the future.