Totally blown away by this video, not by what happened, but what did not happen.  Check it.

The elderly man is paralyzed and currently in critical condition.

This terrible clip reminds me of something I read earlier this year in my urban evangelism and church growth class.  Here’s an excerpt:

“The frequency of demands present in the city give rise to norms of noninvolvement.  There are practical limitations to the Samaritan impulse in a major city.  If a citizen attended to every needy person, if he were sensitive to and acted on every altruistic impulse that was evoked in the city, he would scarcely keep his own affairs in order.”

– Stanley Milgram, “The Urban Experience: A Psychological Experience,” in Urban Life, edited by George Gmelch and Walter P. Zenner (Long Grove, IL: Waveland Press, 2002), 87.

Nevertheless, we are without excuse.  City dweller or rural rancher, we are called to love our neighbor.