I have been getting regular updates from friends in the area of the massive flooding about the conditions on the ground and the help that is needed.  One such friend is Eric Schumacher, pastor of Northbrook Baptist Church in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.  Baptist Press recently interviewed Eric and took highlights from his recent sermon (I recommend you read or download it) on how to respond to such a terrible situation.   To get a better idea of just how devastating the flooding is in his town, you ought to check out this slide show.

In his most recent update, Eric shared that, while he and his family have not suffered any damage, at least a couple of families have been directly impacted, losing homes and businesses.  Yesterday, a Southern Baptist Disaster Relief Unit (some 50 people) arrived at their church seeking directives on where and how they can help.

Eric has particularly asked that, as he plans out the work ahead, God will give him wisdom in assigning jobs and orchestrating the relief work.  With so many workers and so little preparation, finding the work and ministering to the community will require patience and participation from everyone.  Most importantly, Eric asks us to pray that “this will be used of the Lord to spread the Gospel in Cedar Rapids and draw many to hope in him.  My prayer is that our city (and its churches!) would be brought to hope in the reign of the Lord Christ more than they hope in FEMA, disaster relief, and better weather.”

Amen, Eric.  Please join me in lifting up Eric, Northbrook Baptist, and everyone affected by the flooding in our prayers.