My friend Doug Baker has recently posted a three-part interview with one of the men I look up to the most – David Dockery.  Those of you who were around in January of 2007 will remember the week-long interview I had with Dr. Dockery as well as the live, interactive Q&A on the blog.  I have always appreciated the careful, articulate, and balanced approach Dr. Dockery has exhibited as a Southern Baptist statesman, and, in light of the heightened attention and interest in the SBC political sphere of things leading up to the annual meeting in Indy, I would like to recommend these MP3’s for the betterment and prospect of a gospel-driven consensus and spirit of cooperation within the SBC.

(To download the audio, right click, save as):

Part I – The Path Toward Consensus; the SBC of the past; and the Inerrancy of Scripture

Part II – Perspectives on salvation – Arminianism, Calvinism and Amyraldianism; the Legacy of the SBC’s Founding Generation; and the Doctrinal Building Blocks Required for an Orthodox Consensus Among Southern Baptists

Part III – Landmarkism; the Call to Embrace the Gospel; Expository Preaching; the Practice of the Lord’s Supper; an Overview of SBC worship; the Role of Christian Higher Education Among Southern Baptists; and The Challenge to a Rising Generation