We live in a day and age where we have access to the works of the most eminent saints of church history. One such saint is John Bunyan, and his complete works have been compiled here for your benefit. Each link directs you to a PDF document which can be downloaded to your computer. All of these files have been made available via Bunyan Ministries under the direction of Dr. Barry Horner. You can also find these links in other formats at the John Bunyan online page developed by Mount Zion Chapel Library. I find it most appropriate that Bunyan’s Works be included in the Blue Collar Theology series as this “tinker of Bedford” who was rather poorly educated left quite a legacy. Check it out!

Volume 1

Memoir of John Bunyan
Grace Abounding to Chief of Sinners
Relation of Bunyan’s Imprisonment
Continuation of Bunyan’s Life
Bunyan’s Dying Sayings
Bunyan’s Prison Meditations
The Jerusalem Sinner Saved
The Greatness of the Soul
The Work of Christ as an Advocate
Christ a Complete Savior
Come and Welcome to Christ
Justification by Imputed Righteousness
Saved by Grace
The Strait Gate
Light for Those who Sit in Darkness
Treatise on the Fear of God
Doctrine of Law and Grace
Israel’s Hope Encouraged
A Discourse Touching Prayer
The Saint’s Privilege and Profit
The Acceptable Sacrifice
Paul’s Departure and Crown
The Desire of the Righteous Granted

Volume 2

Saint’s Knowledge of Christ’s Love
Of Antichrist and His Ruin
The Resurrection of the Dead
Some Gospel Truths Opened
Vindication of Gospel Truths Opened
Discourse on Pharisee and Publican
Defence of Doctrine of Justification
Reprobation Asserted
Questions About Seventh-Day Sabbath
Of the Trinity and a Christian / Of the Law and a Christian
Scriptural Poems
Exposition of Genesis 1-10
A Holy Life the Beauty of Christianity
Christian Behavior
Caution to Watch Against Sin
Discourse of the Building of God’s House
A Confession of my Faith and Practice
Differences About Water Baptism
Peaceable Principles and True / On the Love of Christ
A Case of Conscience Resolved
John Bunyan’s Catechism
Seasonable Counsel
An Exhortation to Peace and Unity
Bunyan’s Last Sermon

Volume 3

Pilgrim’s Progress – Introduction – Editor
Pilgrim’s Progress – Synopsis – Editor
Pilgrim’s Progress – Part I
Pilgrim’s Progress – Part II
The Holy War
A Map of the Order of Salvation
The Heavenly Footman
The Holy City, or The New Jeusalem
Solomon’s Temple Spiritualized
Discourse of the House of the Forest of Lebanon
The Water of Life
The Barren Fig Tree
The Life and Death of Mr. Badman
A Few Sighs From Hell
One Thing is Needful / Ebal and Gerizim
A Book for Boys and Girls
The Struggler (and Chronological Listing of Bunyan’s Works)

Several of these works have been modernized and included in the Puritan Paperback series published by Banner of Truth (including The Jerusalem Sinner Saved, Come and Welcome to Jesus Christ, The Acceptable Sacrifice, Prayer, and All Loves Excelling. Also, Soli Deo Gloria has also published several editions as well. For more information about John Bunyan in general and a list of reprinted works, check out the Meet the Puritans entry.