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The last two weeks of blogging have been somewhat of a roller-coaster ride. Last week was really discouraging and frustrating, and this week has been really encouraging and interesting. Of course, how can you not be encouraged by reading about Bunyan and his exemplary life of faithfulness in spite of such hardship and trials? The Burma situation, though a terrible disaster, has opened my eyes to the influence and power of the internet today, especially in how such a medium can be used to spread the gospel. Furthermore, an old theological sparring partner, Dr. Terry Tiessen, and I have picked up where we left off on addressing the fate of the unevangelized. Dr. Tiessen is a Calvinist who argues against the exclusivist position (which I hold) and for what he calls accessibilism (which differentiates from evangelical inclusivism). This is a perennial issue that continues to be hotly debated from the halls of academia to the front porch of popular culture.

On Tuesday, we safely arrived back in Alabama where we have enjoyed some down time this week. I created a profile on a website called, and I am enjoying the ability to keep up with my cycling and training logs. Plans are today to do a 20 mile ride into the back roads of Alabama (this time with water bottles and a cell phone).

As you can see, Nolan is growing leaps and bounds. That Pooh robe was supposed to fit him, but it won’t even cover his diaper! Oh well. I mentioned recently about the offer on a house we made in Florida. We are still praying about this matter and hoping that things will go well. If you think about it, we would be grateful if you lifted this matter up in prayer on our behalf.

Speaking of moving, I have a favor to ask of any of you guys who might be in Louisville on Wednesday, May 21st. That is the day I am loading the trailer, and I am needing the help of some guys who wouldn’t mind suffering for a while to help me load the truck. Any takers? Lunch will be on me. If you would like to help, email me at [email protected], and I will give you directions and details (one detail I should tell you now is that I live on the third floor – meaning three flights of stairs to carry stuff, including lots of books). I’ve got a few signed up to suffer with me, but a couple more guys would be a great help indeed.

In the upcoming days, I hope to write a little more on Bunyan, church membership, and evangelism/missional lifestyle. Have a great weekend everyone!