Two brothers whom I have grown to love and appreciate over the past year are Owen Strachan and Collin Hansen. A couple of weeks ago, The Henry Center (of which Owen is managing director) held a discussion between Dr. Doug Sweeney, professor of Church History at TEDS, and Collin, who as you know, is the author of Young, Restless, Reformed. While the topic of Collin’s book has oft been discussion, perhaps there is no one more historically conscious than Dr. Sweeney to facilitate a healthy and informative time of delving into Collin’s journey regarding the revival within the Reformed tradition.

Allow me to point you to this good discussion between Dr. Sweeney and Collin which is approximately 40 minutes and includes Q&A from the TEDS audience. The discussion is available in both audio and video, so be sure to check it out!


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