It was not my intention that this series last for over a month, but I guess that’s how things fall out sometimes. 🙂 But I wanted to put all the links together as well as create a PDF for anyone desiring to download these articles for their own benefit. Let me provide a brief background:

In early March, I shared an account of sharing the gospel at work that was an intense moment in my life. I entitled that post “The Cross Isn’t Sexy: A Dying Man’s Confession.” That article produced considerable feedback, both for and against my actions. Given that the issue of evangelism in the workplace is one that I have been currently dealing with in real life, and realizing that there was little I could find on the topic, I decided to write a couple of articles on the topic as well as invite my fellow blogging partners to pitch in as well. Below are the articles that have been posted over the past month on the topic of “missional work”:

1. The Cross Isn’t Sexy: A Dying Man’s Confession (by Timmy Brister)
2. Missional Work (by Timmy Brister)
3. Putting in Time or Preaching the Truth: What’s More Valuable? (by Owen Strachan)
4. Don’t Waste Your Work! (by Timmy Brister, excerpt from John Piper)
5. Because Christ Is Risen, Abound in the Work of the Lord (by Timmy Briser, Easter reflection)
6. Witnessing at Work: Sacred vs. Secular? (by Jason Meyer)
7. Gospeling at Work, Part 1 (by Matthew Wireman)
8. A Christian Education and Witnessing at Work (by Jason Meyer)
9. Gospeling at Work, Part 2 (by Matthew Wireman)
10. Churches, Affirm the Importance of Work and Mission (by Timmy Brister)
11. A Working Paradigm for Missional Work (by Timmy Brister)

I am grateful for Owen, Jason, and Matt for participating in this discussion. We hope to do more of this kind of multi-author topical focus in the future.

For those who would like to have these articles in a downloadable PDF (with active hyperlinks), here it is:

Missional Work – The Series (PDF)

For previous work related to this series, check out my compilation post on “elemental evangelism” (which also has a PDF version).