Ladies and gentlemen, it is time to provoke the vote.

I realize that we have built bridges to Mars, put some grease and grime on glossy theology, and reintroduced 17th century giants in the midst of a dwarfed 21st century spirituality. But alas, we are just getting started. Today, I am asking you to help me provoke the vote by voting for Provocations and Pantings in the Said at Southern Blog Madness.

We are currently in the second round of voting, and while P&P landed with the most votes in round one, we have encountered stiff competition and are currently being beat badly in the second round. I know that people may wonder whether it is possible to make another come back, but my answer to them is,

“Yes We Can!”

So will you join the call to provoke the vote in 2008?
To join in, go to the Said at Southern Blog Madness and vote for Provocations and Pantings (East Division).

After Sunday, the winners of each division will face off in a final four showdown. I know I have a record of asking anything, so I want to ask you to please vote for P&P this week as we look to provoke the vote in 2008!