Drs. Al Mohler and Nathan Finn have recently posted their thoughts on the way Union University students and faculty have responded to the devastation they have experienced.  If you do not know, Dr. Mohler’s daughter is a student at UU, and there are strong ties between UU and SBTS.  I want to highlight the thoughts of Mohler and Finn as I share with them in the encouragement I have received from the biblical responses of God’s power, providence, and provision.

From Dr. Mohler:

As media reports indicate, the Union family has responded with a testimony to their faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and a confidence that their school will continue its work — that teachers will soon again teach, students will continue to study, and the great task of preparing the next generation of Christian leaders will continue at Union University.

From Dr. Finn:

As we have watched news reports, read interviews, and streamed online videos, one of the things Leah and I have been struck by is the attitude of Union’s students. Not only did many of these students assist with the rescue efforts, but a number of them have had the opportunity to publicly testify to their faith in God and his goodness and grace, even in the midst of a natural disaster. In other words, they have glorified God in the midst of tragedy, and in a very public manner.

[ . . .] These students and other members of the Union University family have represented Christ well. They have used their loss as an occasion to publicly praise God and speak about their faith. They have made the most of the moment. And that makes me both thankful to have friends there and proud to be part of the same ecclesiastical family of which so many Union-ites are a part.

As I stated in my first post, UU

“exists for the glory of God and to train young men and women in developing a Christian worldview bigger than any storm they could ever experience. Perhaps there will never be a greater time to apply what they have been taught than the day after their world is turned upside down. I personally do not know of another group of people better spiritually prepared to handle a crisis like this than David Dockery (president), Greg Thornbury (dean), and the entire administration of UU.”

It appears that they have put into practice what they have learned in the greatest test of their lives.