Live from Muscle Shoals . . .

Well, not quite.

About noon today, we (myself, Dusti, and baby Nolan) began our trip down south from Louisville for the True Church Conference to attend and live-blog the first night’s service.  However, what usually is a four-hour drive turned into 7 1/2 hours due to an ice storm and numerous wrecks (and detours).  When I realized that we went three miles in an hour an a half, I quickly realized that the chances of making it tonight was virtually impossible.  With that said, I regret missing the first message by David Miller on Justification as I am sure it was a blessing and a joy to all who where there. 

I must say, traveling through the back country of Kentucky gave me several tempting things to photograph and live-blog, but I am not sure it would be consonant with the conference!  Perhaps it would make for some fun conversation over dinner.  🙂

Lord willing, I will be at FBCMS bright and early around 8:00 a.m. and earnestly look forward to benefiting from this excellent conference.  It is my hope that the live-blogging will offer those who cannot attend a window into the conference as well as notes from the messages.  The issue of church discipline is crucial to the health and integrity of our churches, and I consider it is a privilege to play a very small part in sharing that ecclesiological commitment and core value with those attending this year’s True Church Conference. 

Ecclesia semper reformanda est.
“The Church always in need of reforming . . .”