I just wanted to pass along a note from Dr. Dockery, encouraging you to please consider financially helping Union University. Current estimates are that 40% of the housing is completely destroyed with another 40% severely damaged. All buildings have received structural damage, one with the roof nearly entirely taken off. Right now, they are expecting the cost to exceed $50 million, and I simply cannot get my mind around the enormity of such a cost. Cam Tracy, who has been updating everyone on the UUEmergency blog, has also put together a collection of photos (now around 75) of the devastation. It is simply breathtaking.

However, the little that you and I can do to help is significant. Remember that we serve a God who can take a boy’s lunch to feed 5,000, so whatever little (or much) you can do to support UU is greatly appreciated. Here’s a word from Dr. Dockery:

So many of our friends have contacted us about their desire to help Union University during this most challenging time for our campus. The Board of Trustees has established a special fund to address this particular need in the life of this University. For your generosity to Union at this particular time, please know of our gratitude.

Please send designated gifts to:
Union University Disaster Relief Fund
1050 Union University Drive
Jackson, TN 38305

David S. Dockery

Finally, please continue to pray for Union and everyone affected by the 50+ tornadoes that passed through last night. I cannot imagine with Dr. Dockery and others are going through. Like Paul, it is “through the help of your prayers” and the help of the Spirit that our dear brothers and sisters will not only persevere through these difficult moments, but also glory in Christ who is with us always, even in the eye of the storm.