Note: UU has now started another blog for recovery and restoration.  For further information, visit UURecovery.  To view pics of the devastation, check out Cam Tracy’s photoset as well as Mark Inman’s.   

Tim Ellsworth has provided seven specific ways we can all be praying for everyone involved at Union University.  From Tim’s blog:

1. Pray for the continued recovery of students who were injured.

2. Pray for wisdom for President David S. Dockery, the Union trustees and the senior leadership team. So many decisions have to be made, and those decisions will affect so many lives.

3. Pray for the students who suffered significant losses in their dorm rooms, and for faculty members who lost items (like books) in their offices.

4. Pray for patience and understanding for security and law enforcement personnel, Union staff, students and parents as we try to coordinate efforts for students to retrieve their belongings.

5. Pray for God to move the hearts of people to help in the recovery effort. Most significantly, we’ll need massive financial assistance for the students and the university.

6. Pray for those of us involved in getting Union’s story told. Pray that the spotlight now upon us will result in opportunities to share the gospel of Jesus Christ to a lost world.

7. Pray that God will demonstrate His power and sovereignty to the world by raising from the rubble a university that is more excellence-driven, Christ-centered, people-focused and future-directed than it has ever been.