Some of you will remember that I introduced Jason Meyer to you, who recently joined me here at P&P to write critical book reviews.  Well, I am happy to announce today that my good friend Owen Strachan has also decided to join me here at P&P.  Owen will be writing on a number of things but will likely be posting on issues related to Christianity and culture.

Owen has a brilliant mind and an excellent writer.  He and I first met in our Fundamentalism and Evangelicalism class (he was the fundamentalist, and I was the evangelical – okay, I am only kidding).  But we hit it off then, and we grew to be Harold J. Ockenga (Owen) and Carl F.H. Henry (me) wannabe’s.

If you have read any reviews or articles from IX Marks, you may be familiar with Owen as he has been a contributor to their ministry.  Having graduated from The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, Owen has accepted the position of managing director for the Carl F.H. Henry Center for Theological Understanding at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School (personal note: I think I am rubbing off on Owen with this Henry business).  He is currently working on his Ph.D. in church history under Dr. Douglas Sweeney.  Most importantly, however, Owen is the husband of his lovely wife Bethany.

Aside from pastoral internships at Capitol Hill Baptist Church and editorial assistant to Dr. Mohler, perhaps Owen’s (arguably) most notable accomplishments is his rapping skills (for some reason this was not on the HCTU “About” page!).  Said at Southern also did a podcast with Owen, who is quite concerned that it has not has as many downloads at the interview with N.T. Wright.  See below:

In any case, I do not believe there is any reason to worry about the NPOS (New Perspective on Owen Strachan) as I will function as his personal “discernment police.”

But seriously speaking, I am thrilled to have Owen sharing his thoughts and partnering with me on this blog.  The contributions that he and Jason (Meyer) are going to make will be substantial, and for that, I am truly grateful.

Please welcome Owen to P&P, and I hope you will be encouraged in heart, stimulated in mind, and motivated in will through the contributions of those who make up this blog.