Below are my posts from this past week on the terrible events that have occurred at Union University.

Wednesday, February 6

1. Devastated – Please Pray for Union University
2. Message from President David Dockery at Union University
3. Supporting Union University

Thursday, February 7

4. Union University on YouTube
5. Thinking About God’s Providence Regarding Union University, Part 1
6. Praying Specifics for Union University
7. Union University Sets Their Hope on God
8. Jerry Bridges on God’s Sovereignty Over Nature

Friday, February 8

9. Volunteering and Giving to Union University
10. Thinking About God’s Providence Regarding Union University, Part 2
11. UU and Baptist Press Reports This Week
12. More YouTube from Union University

Saturday, February 9

13. “The providence of God ignites praise” says Dockery
14. “Truly a providential moment in history”

Sunday, February 10

15. Giving Thanks to God Both in and for All That Occurs

In the days to come, be sure to stay up to date on news and announcements via the UURecovery blog. Also, check out j razz’s blog who has the best coverage from the blogosphere. Lastly, remember to also check out Cam Tracy’s Flickr set as well as Mark Inman’s Flickr set for new photos.

May God use this time to unite our hearts in prayer for Union and set our hands to work in service to our brothers and sisters during this time of great need.