Title: Engaging the Doctrine of God: Contemporary Protestant Perspectives
Bruce L. McCormack
IVP Academic
Release Date: February 2008
Pages: 272
Format: Paperback
ISBN 13-digit: 978-0-8010-3552-4
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From IVP:

Traditionally, evangelical theology has been committed to a position of classical theism, emphasizing God’s immutability and omniscience. Of late, traditional affirmations have been challenged by theologians who affirm a more christological focus (often drawing from Karl Barth’s theology) and by those who affirm a theology of “open theism.”

The essays gathered in this collection give evidence of the depth and creativity of contemporary evangelical theology as well as the variety of positions held by those within the movement. Part one focuses on New Testament studies and the earliest development of a Christian doctrine of God. Part two considers two figures who have widely influenced evangelical theology. Part three considers opinions on the cross, the suffering and sovereignty of God, and the contemporary debate, and part four concludes with a chapter on theology and pastoral care.

Both scholars and clergy will find that these essays represent the entire range of thought within the evangelical tradition. The contributors provide readers with a stimulating guide to the contemporary debate.

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Table of Contents:

1 Edinburgh Dogmatics Conference Sermon: The Lamb That Was Slain – David F. Wright

Part 1: New Testament and Early Christian Origins of the Doctrine of God
2 Christian Origins and the Question of God – N.T. Wright
3 The Wrath of God – D.A. Carson

Part 2: Historical Perspectives
4 John Calvin and the Hiddenness of God – Paul Helm
5 Jonathan Edwards’ God: Trinity, Individuatio, and Divine Simplicity – Oliver Crisp

Part 3: Theological Perspectives
6 Life in and of Himself: Reflections on God’s Aseity – John Webster
7 God and the Cross – Henri Blocher
8 The Compassion of God: Exodus 34:5-9 in the Light of Exodus 32-34 – Pierre Berthoud
9 The Sovereignty of God – Stephen N. Williams
10 The Actuality of God – Karl Barth in Conversation with Open Theism – Bruce L. McCormack

Part 4: Practical Theology Perspectives
11 The Doctrine of God and Pastoral Care – Donald Macleod

Initial Thoughts:

These chapters were initially lectures given at the 11th Edinburgh Dogmatics Conference in 2005. What you will find in these chapters is not a consensus or stated orthodox position on the doctrine of God, but as McCormack explains in the introduction, the approach is exploratory. Having said that, there will inevitably be chapters in which I (and likely others) will disagree while interacting with their presuppositions. Nevertheless, this intermediate level treatment on theology proper comes with well-credentialed scholarship on a first-order doctrine. Throughout history, the character of God has been central to the minds of philosophers and committed theologians alike, and such a study is a worthy endeavor, especially in light of recent developments in Protestant thought.

About the Editor:

Bruce L. McCormack (PhD, Princeton Theological Seminary; Dr. theol. h.c., Friedrich Schiller University) is the Frederick and Margaret L. Weyerhaeuser Professor of Systematic Theology at Princeton Theological Seminary. He is a world-renowned Barth scholar and the author or editor of several volumes, including Justification in Perspective, Engaging the Doctrine of God, and Orthodox and Modern.