I know I am going to miss some of the blogposts in attempting to do this, so let me go ahead and make the disclaimer that i am in no way trying to leave anyone out! If you are blogging through the Puritan Challenge and I miss your posts, please let me know by either emailing me (outpostministries[at]yahoo[dot]com) or commenting in the post, leaving me the links to your posts.

This is my first installment in blogspotting The Puritan Challenge. I will be randomly adding more installments in the days and weeks to come.

* Andrew and Carolyn at Double-Usefulness have gotten of the blocks with three posts already. They are Meet Mr. Sibbes, a biographical introduction, The Balanced Mr. Sibbes, a glimpse of Sibbes godly counsel, and The Illustrative Mr. Sibbes, a compilation of Sibbes’ preaching illustrations.

* Jerry at Minor Mutterings has been rockin’ it out with posts on ten chapters already!  Here they are: One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven, Eight, Nine, and Ten.  Jerry, you are going to keep me very busy!

* Caleb Burnison (or it is Josh Gelatt?) answers the question, “Why Read the Puritans?”

* Mike Leake begins with a nicely outlined post including tailored discussion and “diamonds and pearls.”

* David at Presbyterian & Reformed provides an excellent memoir of Sibbes’ life from an 1809 edition of Sibbes’ Works.

* Justin Nale adds his thoughts on the first, second, and third chapters of The Bruised Reed.

* Kevin Rhyne loves the language of 17th century plain speaking prose as found in Sibbes.

* Terry Delaney is five chapters in and already finding personal application to what he is reading.  Very cool.

Again, more to come. I am setting up my Google alerts and going blog-fishing, so be sure to lure me in with some good bait!