Just for fun, I thought I’d provide some stats on the 2008 Puritan Reading Challenge.

# of Books: 12

# of Pages: 2559

# of Pages Need to Be Read Everyday: 7 (average)

Amount of time needed to read 7 pages a day: Less than 30 minutes

# of hours the average American home has television on: 7

Percentage of Americans who do not read one book a year: 57%

Amount of the 12 books with the RHB special: $65

Amount of money average American spends each year on Christmas presents: $865

# of Visits to P&P regarding the Challenge in the first week: over 13,000

# of Blogs Promoting/Blogging the Challenge: 75+

# of People Confirmed in the Challenge: 136
(from all over the globe, including Japan, South Africa, Zambia, UK, and Canada)

So what are you waiting for? Don’t be the average couch potato wasting away in from of the television! Join The Puritan Reading Challenge today (everybody’s doing it)! 😉