Well, we are currently half way through the Ninth Inning Rally, and things are shaping up great. Many of you have taken the time to vote for my question since Saturday, and I appreciate you putting my question back in the field of play. For your viewing pleasure (or disgust), I thought I’d provide a self-portrait in “rally mode” (check the rally cap baby):

Oh, I should mention this is my new “office” now that I have officially been given the boot by baby Nolan and mom. So, being the baseball statistician that I am, I thought I should provide a play-by-play report of the rally thus far. Here is how it has gone thus far:

Saturday 6:30 a.m. >> Position #10 :: Votes 15,236
Sunday 6:30 a.m. >> Position #7 :: Votes 17,036 (approximately, gain of 1800)
Monday 12:01 a.m. >> Position #4 :: Votes 18,179 (gain of 1143)
Tuesday 6:00 a.m. >> Position #2 :: Votes 19,602 (gain of 1423)
Wednesday 6:00 a.m. >> Position #2 :: Votes 21,281 (gain of 1679)
Thursday 6:00 a.m. >> Position#2 :: Votes 22,532 (gain of 1251)
Five-day rally: From #10 to #2 with a total of 7,296 votes.

Now, we have four days to go. Can we equal or top 4,300 votes in the last half of our “ninth inning rally”? The only way that will happen is if you help get the word out and encourage others to vote. Assuming that the votes are “true,” we are averaging at least 140 people a day voting for the question. 200 people a day for the next four days would bring in 8,000 votes.

I realize that there have been some folks who are really upset and disturbed by the ninth-inning rally. At this point, there have been 268 comments on my question, many of them by folks who think the issue of the regulative principle is ridiculous. Deeply troubled be the heightened rhetoric, I found counsel in my blogging partner, Hershey. When I shared with her the criticisms that were coming as a result of the rally, she seemed quite unimpressed. Here’s her response:

In any case, over the past three days I felt that it was incumbent upon me as the author of the question to visit Mars where I have been informed the source of the criticisms have been coming. It is my hope that the results of my galactic travels will disclose my interest in building bridges, yes even to Mars. I know the gap is wide, but hey, who thought the regulative principle would be back in the game? Call be a believer.

So here’s my postcard from Mars. Enjoy!

To VOTE for my question (ten times a day), CLICK HERE.

Note: If it happens that we somehow catch up with the #1 question and take the top slot, whoever is the person to cast that vote, I will send an autographed copy of this postcard from Mars. 🙂