As the 2007 year comes to a close, I thought I’d provide a little year-in-review. For the next six days, I am going to post annotated links to the top 30 posts of this year (determined by comments, backtracks, and personal recollection) as well as some other things to note.

5. To Be a Misfit in a World of Impermanence

Reflecting on pastoral impermanence in David Wells’ book, No Place for Truth, I share my thoughts and desires for a place to minister and die.

4. Are We Creating a Reformed Celebrity Culture?

A little self-critique doesn’t hurt, does it?  Thinking about the rise of Reformed conferences, I reflect on how the current Reformed resurgence in evangelical and Southern Baptist life is creating a celebrity culture much like the rise of Fundamentalism in early 20th century.

3. Puritans, We Greet Thee in 2008

A relatively recent post, this idea was drafted on the way home from work as a personal challenge to be publicly shared.  Little did I know that the Puritan reading challenge would be spread by over 25 blogs and still topping the post rankings at the end of the year.  Look for more developments to come in the near future.  I am really excited about this project, and more importantly, the level of interest seen among many in the blogosphere.

2. Together for the Church

Playing off “together for the gospel,” I challenged the talking points parroted by several Southern Baptist leaders who have effectively marginalized or outsourced many young, solid Southern Baptist ministers who happened to believe in the doctrines of grace.  If the SBC is going to have a promising future, we are going to have to come together for the church and quit the political maneuvering and calculation and work together for the planting and building of churches across the country as well as the world.

1. Go and Sin Some More: A Meditation on the Life and Death of Anna Nicole Smith

Many of you can remember how much media attention the surprise death of Anna Nicole Smith received by the media.  Recognizing the dominance of this issue, I began thinking how Jesus would consider this situation.  The result was this gospel-centered meditation that made its way out of the Christian blogosphere to radio shows, atheistic forums, and Muslim websites.  The fact that this post was the #1 post of 2007 is a tribute to the idea that a commitment to gospel-centered blogging can and does draw attention–not to us, but to Christ.  As 2007 comes to a close, I pray the Lord allows me more opportunity to communicate the value of knowing Christ in our culture with passion for the gospel and compassion for those who do not know Him.

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