As the 2007 year comes to a close, I thought I’d provide a little year-in-review. For the next six days, I am going to post annotated links to the top 30 posts of this year (determined by comments, backtracks, and personal recollection) as well as some other things to note.

15.  Saving the SBC

At the end of the eventful week that was San Aton (SBC’s Annual Meeting), frustrated and discouraged I shared my reflections on what had occurred in the previous two weeks. Saving the SBC, of course, is a play off of Saving Private Ryan–of which there is an excerpt. I deal with the question, “Is it worth staying in and trying to reform the SBC?” and subsequent matters including the kind of leaders I am hoping the will arise in the future.

14.  Toward a Missional SBC Part 2

In part one, I shared my personal story of coming to understand and live a missional lifestyle, and in this post I deal with the missional matrix of church, culture, and mission, advocating a recovery and reorientation to the gospel in every area of our lives.

13.  New ‘New Measures’

I have grown up and around many modern-day “new measures” used to connect with and bring in lost folks during church services. In this post, I recall several of these new ‘new measures’ that, in the legacy of Charles Finney, are actually hindering the work of true conversion rather than aiding it.

12.  Blog Appraisals

There are thousands if not millions of blogs starting up every day. Evangelical Christianity (among others) has greatly benefited from the blogosphere. In this brief article, I provide some personal standards to appraise blogs/bloggers when deciding if I am going to (or how often) read their writing.

11.  The Fleecing of the SBC

We are all familiar with “The Fleecing of America” on the nightly news, but are you as familiar with the fleecing of the SBC’s Cooperative Program? This post takes a look at one state convention (Indiana) and reveals that $40 million over a decade produced a net loss of 4,000 members and a decrease in 25 churches. More information is included, not the least of which is the state of unregenerate church membership at a convention level.

*** Top 5 Preacher/Preaching Blogs ***

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