Just a passing note, but I just got word from out local news that 4,200 tickets for the Hanna Montana concert in Lexington, KY sold out in 30 seconds (no, that is not a typo). Looks like more and more Americans have prayed to receive Hanna Montana into their hearts.

Today I did something I almost never do. My wife came home early due to a doctor’s appointment, and together we watched the Oprah Winfrey show. Today’s show was the Christmas special where Oprah gave away many of her favorite things to everyone in the audience, including a $3,800 refrigerator, $800 camcorder, $150 watch, $900 worth of DVDs, and much more (go here for the entire list). You would not believe the uncontrollable responses of those in the audience. For some of the ladies, fanning themselves was not enough to sustain their hysteria as others came to assist in their weakened knees and tearful eyes. Others lifted their hands and uttered prayers to God, very much like your typical TBN special. Check out this preview for a taste of Oprah worship.

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As this worship and glorification of goddess Oprah ensued, I could not stop but ask myself, “What is her religion offering that the health and wealth prosperity preachers are not offering? Is her “gospel” any different than theirs? The good news is a better life now with the benefits of this life and treasuring of all this world has to offer. I suppose the only real difference is that Oprah actually makes good on her promises and delivers the goods while the prosperity preachers promise something they cannot deliver.

On another note, and across the world, I have a dear brother serving as a missionary in Dhaka, Bangladesh–a country where over one million people are homeless with the death toll rising well into the thousands due to the recent cyclone that hit the country. More are expected to perish due to starvation and diseases such as malaria that will develop due to the terrible conditions. Here’s a recent BBC report:

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I am reminded of the gospel of Jesus Christ, which Luther explains, is one that treasures the infinite worth of Jesus and cries out, “Let goods and kindreds go, this mortal life also, the body they may kill, His truth abideth still, His kingdom is forever.” For those who are citizens of such a kingdom, our worship of Jesus propels us not to install another appliance in our kitchen or trinket on our wrist; rather, our worship fuels us to look into the face of this now homeless child and give him Jesus. He who did not have the comforts of foxes or birds, is preparing a place for us–a place where every tear will be wiped away and every sacrifice will be vindicated in the resurrection of the righteous.