Ed Stetzer has been kind enough to provide for us his message as well as Dr. David Dockery’s (who I interviewed earlier this year), both which were delivered yesterday.

>> For Stetzer’s message, click here.
>> For Dockery’s message, click here.
>> For Nettles’ message, click here.  (NEW)

Having looked at these messages (and others yet to be delivered), I am really encouraged by the investment and interest among all who are a part of the speaking line-up. Be sure to check out Stetzer’s research about evangelism. While evangelism for both Calvinists and non-Calvinists is at a woeful state, the research reveals that all the hubbub about Calvinists being less evangelistic than non-Calvinists or that it is anti-Great Commission is empirically false (let alone historically untrue). Quite a different take than the research previously done (see esp. pages 12-17) by Southern Baptists.