Topic: Providence

“We please ourselves with agreeable prospects and proposals; but the determination is with the Lord.  We may rejoice that it is, He sees all things in their dependences and connextions, which we see not, and therefore he often thwarts our wishes for our good; but if we are not mistaken, if any measure we have in view would, upon the whole, promote our comfort or his glory, He will surely bring it to pass in answer to prayer, how improbable soever it may appear; for He delights in the satisfaction and prosperity of his people, and without a need-be, there shall never be in heaviness.  Let us strive and pray for a habitual resignation to his will; for He does all things well.  It is never ill with us but when our evil hearts doubt or forget this plainest of truths.”

John Newton, to William Cowper (July 30, 1767)

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