A week ago, I thought it would be a good idea to share some of my thoughts on the Southern Baptist Convention. I had before me some chicken scratch on a napkin from a conversation at the Founders Cafe earlier that week. If I had known that that chicken scratch would result in 12,000+ words on eleven articles with nearly 200 comments, I would have reconsidered that idea. I honestly don’t know what happened or where all this came from. None of this was planned, so maybe I did have a fire in my belly I didn’t know was there. I must say, however, it was somewhat cathartic. 🙂

I chose to write about some issues and problems in the SBC that very few people seem to be talking about. In the course of this past week, I undoubtedly said some things that offended some, while at the same time, those same words received a hearty “Amen, brother!” Such is the nature of the SBC. In any case, I hope to bring to the table something substantive to talk about regarding the SBC and what can be done to see that we become a Convention focused on the gospel, mission, Christ, and the Church. These posts demanded quite a bit from me this past week, and as a result, I will have quite the time of catching up with my class readings and papers. Nevertheless, I do not regret for the way I spent my 2007 Fall Break. I love the SBC. I am passionate about our local churches. I am committed to the gospel. And I want to see reformation and revival in our land.

With that said, here’s how the 12 posts ranked in popularity:

1. The Fleecing of the SBC
2. Together for the Church
3. 2:00 a.m. @ Mars Hill
4. Decisional Regeneration and Southern Baptist Eisegesis
5. Outsourcing the Local Church?
6. From the Cruiseliner to the Battleship: What Will It Take?
7. Depopulating the Denomination
8. Ecclesiological Foreclosure and the SBC
9. Toward a Missional SBC, Part 1
10. From Rural to Suburban to Urban, or, The Kellerizing of the SBC
11. Disconnect
12. Toward a Missional SBC, Part 2

Yesterday, I took the time to compile these posts into one PDF document, and should you be interested in have a copy of it, I would be happy to send it to you via email. To obtain a copy, simply email me at outpostministries[at]yahoo[dot]com. Be sure that leave your first and last name.

So I am done talking about the SBC, and regularly scheduled formatting will resume. But before leave, I would like to hear from you. I want to know what your thoughts are on the SBC. I want to know where your heart is on these matters. And finally, I ask that you respond in summary form to what I have written whether you agree or disagree with the content I have provided and why you feel that way.

So please, share your thoughts. I will not be posting for a couple days as I hope to listen, discuss, and learn from others like yourself. Thanks for participating.