After the Convergent Conference, Alvin Reid, associate dean for proclamation studies and professor of evangelism at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, wrote about his experience of meeting and ministering with Mark Driscoll, a man often criticized by Southern Baptists. Truth be known, most Southern Baptists do not know much of anything about Driscoll, and yet scant opining seems to standard discourse for besmirching those across the tracks. But alas, Professor Reid has voluntarily chosen to speak his mind on Mark Driscoll. The difference with his opinion, however, is one of first-hand experience.

Here are the seven points Reid made in his post reflecting on the Convergent Conference and more specifically reflections on Mark Driscoll.

1. I met someone with a great love for Christ and His Church, and for his own family.
2. I met a man who is focused. He knows his calling and lives his life around that calling.
3. I saw a man who loves theology, the Word of God, and those who love the Word.
4. I saw a man committed to the exposition of Scripture.
5. He gave great insight into the culture.
6. He made a signally profound comment when he answered the question about working together across denominational and other lines.
7. I found it a bit interesting and humorous that he was the one speaker who proved outspoken about bloggers.

And now for a postscript of a little light-hearted humor for my fellow Southern Baptists . . .

As a Southern Baptist who doesn’t drink, all comments accusing Driscoll of getting Reid drunk will be deleted. If there is sufficient doubt that Reid was at any point inebriated during the writing of his post or any prior interaction with Mr. Driscoll, appropriate measures need to be taken – that is, a resolution requiring sobriety tests for all Southern Baptists who share the same stage with Driscoll will be administered before and after speaking and/or writing. Furthermore, as far as we know, Driscoll did not cuss Reid out either, although I have a source on condition of anonymity that the guilt-by-association charge for Dr. Reid is in order. P&P correspondents are hot on this case to be the first to inform the Executive Committee of any further developments. Do not stay tuned for further details.