I know that many of you have been following the latest, greatest controversy in the SBC and the infamous anonymous letter.  I have not and will not be addressing that here on P&P.   However, I do appreciate the fortitude and forthrightness of Tom Ascol as he has promptly addressed this issue.  Below is an excerpt from Ascol that is very true and applicable today.  What the SBC needs today is men who are both courageous and humble, forsaking self-preservation and pride.

My concern is that, as God’s people, we agree that compromising biblical principle for the sake of self-preservation is unacceptable.

Any attitude that suggests otherwise is foreign to biblical Christianity. It is unworthy of the followers of our crucified Savior. Had it prevailed in the first century the church would never have suffered and, therefore, never have spread. Had it prevailed in the sixteenth century there would have been no reformation. If it had been universal in seventeenth century England there would have been no Puritan movement (and no Pilgrim’s Progress!). Had it characterized Whitefield, Wesley and Edwards in the eighteenth century there would have been no Great Awakening. If it prevails today, there will be no lasting movement of God’s Spirit which we absolutely must have if our churches and communities and nations in the west are to survive.