I am really stoked about the new theological library from Reclaiming the Mind Ministries!  Here is their announcement:

Hundreds of theological papers online and available for search and download. These are papers from the past 5 years of the Evangelical Theological Society (ETS) annual meeting. Although RMM does not endorse the contents of all these papers, they are great for study, research, digging deeper, broadening your perspectives, and getting up to speed on current issues in theology.

The goal of Reclaiming the Mind Ministries is to make theology accessible. I hope these papers will go a long way in doing so.

Phil Gons points out that “the papers are (1) free, (2) fully searchable with selectable text for copying and pasting (most of them), and (3) available for viewing online2 or downloading and viewing as PDFs.”  You can easily navigate the articles by topic and download the selected texts you are interested in.  Resources like RMM theological library puts in your hands scholarly articles that are not very accessible for Christians outside of academia or formal theological library.  I applaud the efforts of RMM of making theology more accessible to all of us who are yearning with a passion for truth!

>> Note: As RMM has mentioned, simply providing these articles does not mean that I agree with all of them.  What I agree with is making them available to you and others.  In the case of the past with P&P and undoubtedly in the future, I will be posting content with those whom I disagree, and the purpose of doing so is to discern theological error and promote biblical fidelity.   Please refrain from relevant fallacies, especially from the “guilt by association” one.  😉