Last week I wrote a book preview for an upcoming release by Jerry Bridges and Bob Bevington entitled The Great Exchange: My Sin for His Righteousness.   Yesterday, I was quite pleased to discover that this book has a dedicated website in which you can preview the book at greater length, read endorsements, and check out some additional links.  One particular feature I want to highlight for the sake of Blue Collar Theology was the study guide developed by Mitchell Gingrich.  Below are the links to the study guide for your convenience:

>> Introduction
>> Chapter 1
>> Chapter 2
>> Chapter 3
>> Chapter 4
>> Chapter 5
>> Chapter 6
>> Chapter 7
>> Chapter 8
>> Chapter 9
>> Chapter 10
>> Chapter 11
>> Chapter 12
>> Chapter 13
>> Chapter 14
>> Chapter 15
>> Chapter 16
>> Chapter 17
>> Chapter 18
>> Chapter 19
>> Chapter 20
>> Conclusion

As previously mentioned, this book covers a crucial topic important for all Christians.  There are several ways this book and complimentary study guide can be used.  For example, it could be used in small group Bible study or Sunday School class (e.g. Jan-May 2008), studied together as a staff, or used as a resource or supplementary textbook for a study on the work of Christ (especially in a class dedicated that subject).  In any case, I am happy to recommend this resource as I find it consonant with the pursuit of a Blue Collar Theology.  Read it, study it, teach it, and raise the bottom shelf!