Here’s a conference that all those on board with a Blue Collar Theology might be interested in. They write:

After fifty years of “church growth” methodology, the Church’s landscape is littered with countless relics of the latest and greatest models for ministry. But above all our attempts at “relevance” stands the cross of Jesus Christ. The cross is our only message and our greatest relevance. We preach Christ crucified.

The Nashville Conference on the Church and Theology is an opportunity to rediscover the power of the Cross. NCCT 08 is a call to reformation. It is for preacher, leader and layman alike all wrestling with the same questions. Can the church reach out without selling out? Can it address the culture without abandoning its core message?

The conference addresses church and theology from three perspectives: the preacher (Dr. Steve Lawson), the leader (Dr. D.A. Carson), and layman (Tim Challies). I really like this format! As far as speakers go, I have read several books by Carson, sat under Lawson’s preaching (while in college at UM), and have been privileged to know Tim over the past two years (so I guess you can say I am little biased!).

The conference is scheduled for February 8-10, 2008. Here is how the schedule shapes up:

Friday / February 8th

4:30-6:30pm Registration
7:00pm Dr. D.A. Carson Understanding the Emerging Movement

Saturday / February 9th

8:30-9:30am Registration (cont)
9:30am Dr. Steve Lawson The Foolishness of the Cross
10:30am Break
11:00am Tim Challies Loving God with Your Mind
12:00pm Lunch
2:00pm Dr. D.A. Carson The Gospel and Postmoderns
3:00pm Break
3:30pm Dr. Steve Lawson Bring the Book
5-6:30 Dinner / Off Campus
7:00-7:30pm Evening Worship
7:30pm Dr. D.A. Carson We Preach Christ Crucified

Sunday / February 10th

9:00am Dr. D.A. Carson
10:45am Dr. D.A. Carson

Registration is limited, so you might want to check you calendar and register now. The early-bird fee is $80 which is a rather reasonable price. For more information, be sure to visit their website.