This week has been a convergence of great resources on holiness and mortification of sin. I thought I’d post the articles that I have been checking out.

Joe Thorn:
Thoughts on Pride

Mark Moore:
The Key to Sanctification

Erik Raymond:
Temptation, Resisted and Repulsed

John MacArthur:

How to Kill Sin in Your Life (Part 1)
How to Kill Sin in Your Life (Part 2)
How to Kill Sin in Your Life (Part 3)

Tim Challies:
Reading Classics Together (Holiness)
Reading Classics Together – Holiness (Introduction)

The Resurgence:
Let Us Walk by the Spirit (by John Piper)

In addition to these great articles, I received my quarterly Free Grace Broadcaster yesterday. The Fall 2007 issue is focused on “Mortification.” In this little booklet are the following excerpts:

“The Doctrine of Mortification” by A.W. Pink
“The Nature of Mortification” by John Flavel
“Identifying Beloved Lusts” by Benjamin Needler
“Only a Christian Can Mortify Sin” by Horatius Bonar
“Directions for Mortification” by John Owen
“Mortifying Sin by the Holy Spirit” by D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones
“Dangers of Not Mortifying Sin” by Ezekiel Hopkins
“Gospel or Legal Mortification” by Ralph Erskine
“How May I Know If I Am in a State of Mortification?” by Christopher Love

I know. It’s hard to believe that that many great excerpts can be put in one booklet, but this is not unusual for the great folks of Mount Zion. Long before messages and media were available for free on the Internet, Mount Zion Chapel Library was handing out books by the dozens and pamphlets by the thousands (when I told them I was heading to Argentina for a mission trip, they gave me a case (100 copies) of Tozer’s The Pursuit of God in Spanish to pass out!). I still have numerous free copies of Horatius Bonar’s Words to Winners of Souls that I love to give to folks, and I would be remiss to fail to mention that it was at Mount Zion that I was first introduced to the Puritans.

If you have not benefited from the ministry of Mount Zion Chapel Library, let me encourage you to check out their website and support them by promoting their sacrificial work.