View in Flickr (see it LARGE)

View in Flickr (see it LARGE)

These are pictures of McGuire’s Irish Pub, a popular eatery on the Florida panhandle. The original restaurant is located in Pensacola. One of the unique things about McGuire’s is that they have over $500,000 in $1 bills on the ceiling, and if you are not paying attention to the fine print on the bathroom doors, you will end up going into the opposite sex’s bathroom! That’s always funny to watch. The photos’ effect was due to me playing with the zoom. You simply have to take a 1/2 sec to 1 sec exposure, and while the camera is taking the picture, twist the zoom either telephoto (out) or wide-angle (in). The key is to hold the camera as still as possible (unless you have a tripod). Another creative shot is to flip the camera during the same exposure time, and you will get the swirly effect. To see more of these shots, visit my Flickr page. Also check out the Friday Photo group for more Friday photos.


This week in review:

Yesterday, my wife and I celebrated our four year anniversary with an elegant dinner at Morton’s Steakhouse. We were blessed to have a gift card, and we sorely need it (the meal was $150, and we drank tap water!). She had the Cajun Filet Mignon, and I had the New York Steak Strip. After dinner, we made our way to Baby’s-r-Us to look at some baby cribs. It was a great evening.

Speaking of baby cribs, this week has been a little light in blogging, because I have started to renovate my study/guest bedroom to turn it into our baby room. I have already tubbed 200 books with another 400 more to go. I have been thinking about what a cool baby room for a boy would look like. I think I will keep my Puritan section near the crib so that Nolan can be in good company when I am gone. If you have an neat or creative ideas for a boy baby room, let me know.

Another reason for light blogging this week is because I have been trying to figure out the whacky world of Facebook. That’s right, I got a Facebook account. I told my wife that I am still boycotting MySpace, though. I created some photo albums as well, including my postcards, influential people in my life, waterfalls, and pics of Louisville. Also, for those of you who read or are syndicated through Said at Southern, you may want to join the Said at Southern Facebook Group which I created (go here for details). Those of you who have Facebook and WordPress might be interested in this application.

Along the lines of seminary, let me ask that you please remember Dr. Nettles in your prayers. I mentioned earlier that his health was not good, but the ulcers on his vocal chords are not going away (and from what I understand, his doctor’s don’t know what can be done to fix it). What this means is that this ailment could become a permanent thing. His voice is weak and raspy, and while I understand it is not causing him pain, he cannot speak for any lengthy duration. While the doctors may not know what to do, we know that we can pray – and pray for a miracle from God, that He would be gracious to heal Dr. Nettles’ vocal chords and give him a renewed voice to speak of the excellencies of Jesus Christ. If I hear any update, I will try to pass that along.

Finally, thank you to all of you who linked to my “impermanence” article. I am encouraged to see mutual interest in an enduring ministry. I pray that God uses this generation both in the pulpit and the pew to develop a counter-cultural community who love Jesus and the world He place them in.