Concluding last week’s National Founders Conference, here are the links to all my posts and photos.  In the future, I hope to compile them into one PDF document and make that available as well.


FCON Preview
NFC I: Roy Hargrave on “Man’s Madness and God’s Mercy”
NFC II: David Wells on “Preaching the Truth of Christology for the Modern Age”
NFC III: Tom Ascol on “Founders Ministries, Theology, and the Current SBC”
NFC IV: Raymond Perron on “Preaching the Gospel in a Secular Culture”
NFC V: David Wells on “Preaching the Cross in the Modern World”
NFC VI: Bill Ascol on “Isaac McCoy: Pioneer Baptist Preacher to the Oklahoma Territories”
NFC VII: David Wells on “Preaching Heaven and Hell in the Modern World”
NFC VIII: Leadership Panel Discussion
NFC IX: Roy Hargrave on “Titus 3:1-8: Christian Faith and Conduct in a Godless Culture”
NFC X: Phil Newton on “Our Only Hope Is the Gospel”


Dr. David Wells and Me
TeamPyro at FCON
NFC Message Board on P&P


NFC Photo Bundle 1
NFC Photo Bundle 2
NFC Photo Bundle 3
NFC Photo Bundle 4
NFC Photo Bundle 5

View all photos from 2007 National Founders Conference (in a slideshow)