Regarding missiological matters, there are several journals I try to read, including Evangelical Missions Quarterly, International Bulletin for Missiological Research, International Review of Mission, Missiology, and International Journal of Frontier Missions. Last week, I was sent an email by Scott Burness informing me that IJFM had most of their archives available in PDF. Today, I scanned the archives and selected some for personal study. I thought I share some of them with you as well. I suppose that when doing something like this I should make the parenthetical statement that by providing these articles on my blog does not mean that I agree with everything I link to. In fact, there might be a considerable amount I disagree with here. However, it is important to understand the current historical and missiological thrust and interact with contemporary scholarship. Take a moment and read some of the articles here, or perhaps you might want to bookmark this post for future reference. In any case, it is my hope that devote our highest thoughts and deepest affections for the glory of His name among all the peoples of the earth.

Biblical Mandate:

Editorial, Hans M. Weerstra,
The Great Commission in the Old Testament, Walter C. Kaiser, Jr.
All the Clans, All the Peoples, Richard Showalter
The Supremacy of God Among all the Nations, John Piper
Challenging the Church to World Missions, David Hesselgrave
Biblical Foundations for Missions: Seven Basic Lessons, Thomas Schirmacher
Seeing the Big Picture, Ralph D. Winter
Melchizedek and Abraham Walk Together in World Missions, W. Douglas Smith, Jr.
The Biblical Basis and Priority for Frontier Missions, William O’Brien


Editorial, Hans M. Weerstra,
Contextualization that is Authentic and Relevant, David J. Hesselgrave
The Human Universals of Culture: Implications for Contextualization, A. Scott Moreau
Christian History in Cross-cultural Perspective, Ralph D. Winter
Measuring Contextualization in Church and Missions, Douglas Hayward
Great Commission Contextualization, David J. Hesselgrave
Contextualizing the Message Through Use of Case Studies, Paul J. Fritz
Contextualizing the Power and the Glory, R. Daniel Shaw
Should Christians Pray the Muslim Salat?, Warren C. Chastain
Contextualization without Syncretism Rick Brown
Comprehensive Contextualization Harley Talman
God’s Amazing Diversity in Drawing Muslims to Christ, Joshua Massey
Should Muslims Become “Christians”?, Bernard Dutch
Jesus in Samaria: A Paradigm for Church Planting Among Muslims, Stuart Caldwell
First-Century Jews and Twentieth-Century Muslims, Richard Jameson and Nick Scalevich
The “Son of God”-Understanding the Messia
nic Titles of Jesus, Rick Brown
Messianic Muslim Followers of Isa, John Travis
The Ishmael Promise and Contextualization Among Muslims, Jonathan Culver
A Humble Appeal to C5/Insider Movement Muslim Ministry Advocates to Consider Ten Questions Gary Corwin

AD2000: Completing the Task:

The Consummation: The Vision to be Realized, Patrick Johnstone
Finishing the Task: The Unreached Peoples Challenge, Ralph D.Winter and Bruce A. Koch
Completing the Agenda of History, Malcolm Hunter
The Consummation: The Crucial Ministries Involved, Patrick Johnstone
The Acts 13 Breakthrough Vision, George Verwer
Resources to Reach the Window: Will the Church Respond?, Beverly Pegues and Luis Bush
Joshua Project 2000 Unreached Peoples List, Joshua Project 2000

Other Various Articles:

World Evangelization by AD 2000, David Hesselgrave
A Missionary Hermeneutic, David J. Hesselgrave
To Whom are we Listening?, David Hesselgrave
Missiological Education for Lay People, Ralph D. Winter
Evaluating Goals for Training, Ralph D. Winter
The Pastor and Modern Missions
, John R. Mott
The Fate of the Unreached, Jack Cottrell and Steve E. Burris
The Church’s Primary Role in Training for the Frontiers,
Gary R. Corwin
Prayer Profile: The Bihari of India,
Adopt-A-People Clearinghouse
The Role of the O.T. In Evangelism, Don Pederson
Storying the Storybook to Tribals, Tom A. Steffen
Yahweh and the Gods: A Theology of World Religions, Ed Mathew
The Theology of Culture: Desecularizing Anthropology, Gailyn Van Rheenen
Christianity and the Religions in the History of the Church, James F. Lewis
Worldview, Scripture and Missionary Communication, David J. Hesselgrave
Conversion and Worldview Transformation, Paul G. Hiebert
Towards a Biblical Worldview, Natun Bhattacharya and Tom Eckblad
De-westernizing the Gospel: Recovery of a Biblical Worldview, Hans M.Weerstra
Comparing Modern-day Alternatives to Biblical Conversion, David F. Wells
From Mission to Evangelism to Mission Ralph D. Winter
Finishing the Task the Unreached Peoples Challenge Ralph D. Winter and Bruce A. Koch
The Largest Stumbling Block to Leadership Development in the Global Church Ralph D. Winter
Eleven Frontiers of Perspective Ralph D. Winter
Eleven Frontiers of Perspective (7-11) Ralph D. Winter
Communicating Christ through Oral Tradition James Bowman
Communication Bridges to Oral Cultures S. Devasahayam Ponraj & Chandon K. Sah
Church Planting Movements vs Insider Movements David Garrison
The Most Precarious Mission Frontier Ralph D. Winter
How to Make Oral Communication More Effective Rick Brown
How Short-Term Missions Can Go Wrong Glenn Schwartz
Part:1 Anthropology and Mission: The Incarnational Connection Darrell L. Whiteman
Part: II Anthropology and Mission: The Incarnational Connection Darrell L. Whiteman
When Business Can Be Mission: Where Both Business and Mission Fall Short Ralph D. Winter
How Shall They Believe Detlef Bloecher
Response to Detlef Bloecher’s How Shall They Believe? Todd Johnson
What are Mission Frontiers? Ralph D. Winter
De-Westernizing Doctrine and Developing Appropriate Theology in Mission Mack Harling
Who is “Allah”? Rick Brown
Allah in Translations of the Bible Kenneth J. Thomas