This month marks my two-year blogiversary.

When my wife and I first moved to Louisville, we sent a monthly email newsletter to update our friends and family on life in Louisville.  Only after a couple of months, my email service failed and lost all the addresses.  Goofing off in the library (something I frequently do), I found a friend on his laptop doing this thing called “blogging,” and I asked him how it all worked.  I had heard of bloggers after the whole Dan Rather expose, and I thought it could be used to communicate with those I lost contact with due to the cessation of our monthly email.  Moreover, I thought I could share some things God was teaching me for information, discussion, encouragement, etc. 

Since that time, my experience in blogging has grown me in a number of ways.  According to my dashboard, this post is number 1055.  Doing a little math shows that I have averaged over 10 posts a week for 104 straight weeks.  I don’t know all the things I have done 1055 times, but blogging sure wasn’t on the list two years ago!  Looking back, there are several posts I kept from deleting to remind me of where I have been, of how God has changed me, and how to learn from the mistakes of my past.  Many times I was simply a jerk.  Other times I was ignorant and uniformed.  And yet, in spite of all my failures, God has allowed me to meet some great people in the process. 

Some of my closest friends and brothers in Christ have come through blogging.  Not only that, I had the opportunity of hosting the Band of Bloggers last year, which turned out to be the largest Christian blogger gatherings to date.  About that time, another blogger (who I met through blogging) and I decided to respond to some of the rubbish on a website called BaptistFire.  On May 1, we launched Strange BaptistFire to respond to everything on BaptistFire’s website.  Eleven days later they disappeared never to be seen again.

There is no way to recount all the blessings I have received from blogging.  Of course, I have had my share of critics and enemies.  But I have no regrets of the time and energy spent in my feeble attempts to communicate my heart and thoughts on things I believe matter with the hope that it could encourage you or stimulate discussion.  To all of you who have found something worthwile on my blog and continue to read, thank you

As I have contemplated where I am in my experience in blogging and to a greater degree my spiritual life at large, I have decided to undergo a break in blogging.  I am not going to set an arbitrary time for the break.  There are several things I am hoping to accomplish during the break, including spending more time with my wife, focusing more intently on reaching my unbelieving coworkers with the gospel, the completion of three papers, additional research on religious pluralism, completion of categorizing all posts, and going on a few photography excursions.  I will resume posting when I feel that the break has accomplished its purpose.

During my break from posting, I am going to do a couple of things.  First, I am going to post over at The Protos Fellowship.  Over there you could find stuff on the gospel, on what we are studying, conversations, and our efforts to evangelize third shifters.  Second, I hope to post pictures on my Flickr page, pending that I actually get out and shoot!  Finally, if anyone cares to discuss anything on your mind, the comments of this post are open to talk about anything on your mind.  If you have anything you care to ask, however random it be, or share a thought, feel free to comment

Again, thank you for reading P&P.  The encouragement I have received, the friendship that have been made, the lessons I have learned, and the criticisms that I have welcomed have all helped conform me to be more like Jesus.  And it is to him I flee and find strength and satisfaction.  May he abundantly bless you with joy in his presence.

Coram deo,

Timmy Brister