On his blog Jesus Creed, Scot McKnight recently provided a four-part summary review of Terrance Tiessen’s recent book, Who Can Be Saved: Reassessing Salvation in Christ and the World Religions (Downers Grove, IL: InterVarsity, 2004).  McKnight, very sympathetic to the emerging church movement, introduces the series with this paragraph:

“The generation that grew up with Mr. Rogers and Sesame Street, was also thoroughly indoctrinated in public education and through the media to think all religions are the same. Tolerance, the deistic doctrine of our day, is not only a strategy for getting along but also a moral commitment. The implication for the emerging generation is enormous: it means that evangelism and evaluation of those from other faiths are strained if not impossible. Hence, what I think is the emerging question of our day.” 

Tiessen, a frequent visitor of Jesus Creed, has provided additional commentary in the meta of the posts that are worth checking out.  Here are the posts as they currently stand (I am not sure if the series is completed.  I assume that it is.):

The Emerging Question Series by Scot McKnight:

So as we see the merging of inclusivism and the ECM, do you believe inclusivism is the answer to “the emerging question?”  Do you think this paradigm provides an adequate Christian theology of religions?  Does the promise for a viable Christian witness and message in the growing plurality of religions reside in the accesibilism of Tiessen or the modal inclusivism of Pinnock or Sanders?

What are your thoughts?

A side note: Jim Hamilton recently reviewed Tiessen’s book on his blog.  You can read it here.