Given that this is my first post in 2007, I thought I’d share with you some of the plans I am making for this new year in blogging. I have divided my plans in five groups: new, old, same, back, and less. Let me explain.


I am excited about what’s new here at P&P. First, I am planning 12 interviews (one per month) of people I admire and believe are leading or influential figures in evangelical and/or Southern Baptist life. I recently confirmed the interview for this month and believe you will enjoy hearing from him. Other new items include book alerts–posts highlighting new books I am interested in; evangelicals in bibliographic colour–a comprehensive attempt of defining a leading evangelical bibliographically; photography–including (hopefully) some guest posts from some excellent friend photographers; book reviews; discussion posts–intended for interaction over a given topic; and finally some more posts on missions-related issues.


Some of the previous items of P&P will not continue, namely posts on political issues and others that have been polemical. Concerning political issues, there are others who are writing blogs dedicated to this issue who write much better and with greater insight than me, so there is really no point in me chiming in on that subject. Concerning being polemical, thought I believe there is a place for polemical writing, the medium of blogging does not serve as an adequate means of that kind of writing. Though I will not shrink back from controversial and/or confrontational issues, I will not employ useless rhetoric or sarcasm more intended to inflict than inform.


There are some mainstays that will carry over into 2007, including compilations (some of my most popular posts), bibliographies, excerpts, POTW, and Southern Seminary News (info on school happenings).


A couple of items I quit doing (unintentionally) that I want to bring back to P&P. The first is quick hits–posts dedicated to highlighting articles, media, or blogs. The second is the people group profiles (“becoming a World Christian”). Instead of trying to provide on people group a week (for the purpose of informing and encouraging you to pray for them), I will try to post two a month. I believe it is crucial that we are not Christians with a myopic vision of God’s redemptive purposes and to do what we can by learning, training, praying, and going in response to God’s commission and reign on this earth.


Finally, I plan on blogging less this year–sort of. I will continue to blog regularly but will divide my time between P&P and a new blog dedicated to living and presenting the gospel to my coworkers and 3rd shifters in Louisville called The Protos Fellowship. I will also continue contributing to Strange BaptistFire, a blog created to respond to dishonest and inaccurate presentations of Reformed theology. One of the critiques of the blog medium is that it produces bad thinking or at least unhealthy thinking and writing. Being sensitive to that reality, I want to write more carefully and consistently in the future.

So that is what you can expect for 2007. For those who are new to P&P, some topics are enduring here, such as matters related to religious pluralism, the SBC, Calvinism, evangelicalism/fundamentalism, Puritanism, and my personal studies. Of course, everything is subject to change, and new topics or ideas will inevitably arise in the days ahead. With that said, I hoped to provide you with a little framework for my thinking and writing. May the Lord be pleased to use these feeble words to encourage you and cause us all to meditate on and have deeper affections to our God and Savior Jesus Christ.