Some of yesterday searches which landed on P&P:

johnny hunt
johnny hunt blog
pastor johnny hunt blog
‘pastor johnny hunt’

Blog Johnny Hunt
blog Johnny Hunt
“johnny hunt” “election
Johnny Hunt
FBCW blogs
“Johnny Hunt” “First Baptist
Woodstock” BLOG
Johnny Hunt blogs
“johnny hunt” (blog)
johnny m. hunt pastor woodstock first baptist blog site
johnny hunt
“Johnny Hunt”
“johnny hunt” “
johnny hunt blogs
blog johnny hunt

Of the 43 search keywords yesterday, 18 had to do with Johnny Hunt. What, think ye, thus pertaining to? Usually, a day doesn’t go by that someone doesn’t visit P&P from googling Johnny Hunt, but 18 various searches? I haven’t written about Hunt since he was awarded by the Gadfly back in February. Anyway, my fav from yesterday was “timmy graham.” Nice.