Over the past two weeks, I have been looking for the best place to do my Fall excursion. Never having been up north, I have very little knowledge of the landscape and places to backpack, camp, and take photos. This year, I will have approximately two days for this excursion, which will be my shortest trip to date. However, I believe these two days will be rewarding as I have become excited about the places I will be traversing.

Today I want to share with you my projected itinerary for Monday, and tomorrow I will share where I will be Tuesday (of next week, that is). The goal I have in mind for my Fall trips is primarily photographic, so while I would consider venues such as kayaking, skiing, or fishing, I have structured my trip that will emphasize what will hopefully provide the best photographic results.

On Monday, after enjoying a long-anticipated lunch with long-time friend, Larry Backlund, I will make my way north to The Arrowhead and in more particular The North Shore. Tim Brewer, author of Moon Handbooks Minnesota, has this to say about Minnesota’s North Shore:



Minnesota’s North Shore is one of the places that truly deserve all the accolades so freely heaped upon it. Officially an All-American Road, the 150 miles of Highway 61 from Duluth to the Canadian border is about as rewarding as a drive can be. Tucked in between Lake Superior and the worn down remnants of the ancient Sawtooth Mountains you’ll find improbably tall shoreline cliffs, countless waterfalls, lighthouses, myriad moose, and much more. The drive can be made in a couple of hours, but several days are needed to do it justice. Few places in the Midwest are better suited to fall color touring than the North Shore; the beautiful surroundings are one reason, but the lake is another. While leaves in-land turn between mid-September and mid-October, Superior’s warm waters delay the lakeshore peak by a couple of weeks greatly extending the season. Storm watching is another fall pastime—when the wind whips out of the northeast, huge waves thrash the shore.

Some of the planned destinations for Monday shooting include: Two Harbors Lighthouse (Two Harbors), Split Rock Lighthouse (Split Rock Lighthouse State Park), Gooseberry Falls (Gooseberry Falls State Park), Palisade Head (Tettegouche State Park), and High Falls of the Baptism River (Tettegouche State Park). Tuesday morning, I will continue with Cascade Falls (Cascade River State Park), Devil’s Kettle Falls (Judge C.R. Magney State Park), and High Falls of the Pigeon River (Grand Portage State Park).

I will lay my head that night near the Split Rock Lighthouse on the coast of Lake Superior . . . only after I enjoy some lunarscapes of the lake and surrounding area.

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