Over recent days, I have received several emails about some of the research, bibliographies, and particular posts on my blog. One of the most unfortunate things about my blog (from what I have been told) is that you can’t copy and paste the material without the background green color. Therefore, I thought I’d take a moment to mention that I do have my posts and/or research in Word and PDF documents if the interest is there to obtain a copy. The reason I make public my study is so that as many Christians can be informed and benefited from it. I want to give away as much as I can. So if you want or need of anything I have done or will do, simply drop me an email (found in my profile), and I would be happy to assist in any way I can.

One more note: I was talking with my dad last week about an inclusivist in his church. He made it aware that the commentary of my 15 questions could easily lead one to assume that I am defending or supporting inclusivism. For the record, this is NOT the case. My commentary are supportive of the questions of inclusivism, not inclusivism itself. However, I do feel that it is the top priority of a student to have the intellectual integrity to accurately present the topic as fair, objective, and thorough as possible. Therefore, it may appear that I am defending what I am explaining, but this is merely descriptive, not prescriptive. The prescriptive part comes when I respond to what I hope to have accurately portrayed. If I fail in the presentation of the issue, I would find myself arguing against something that doesn’t exist (except in my mind!), my caricature, or some straw man. Therefore, while I hold my convictions strongly on these matters, I hold the conviction to be fair and objective in the full presentation of the facts of those with whom I disagree. If I fail to give a prescriptive in a post, it may be that my only intent is to be descriptive, and my prescription may follow at a later time. Hope that makes sense and clarifies some of the questions or assumptions that may be in the air.