When I originally planned on giving this follow-up post, I planned on sharing some of my journey into missions and becoming a “world Christian.” After reading it, I didn’t think that it was all that interesting, so I have chosen not to post it (for any interested in knowing, I can post it later). What I do want to share is what I want to do to help in whatever way I can to encourage Christians become “world Christians.”

One of the ways of doing this is to simply take the peoples and cultures that are nowhere on our radar screen and bring them into focus on a weekly basis. So starting this week, I will be posting profiles of a different unreached people group from around the world in order to inform you as well as encourage you to pray for gospel-driven laborers among a people who have yet to sing God’s praises. I thought about limiting my posts to the top 100 unreached people groups, but I thought that would be unfair and biased to the smaller and less known peoples who need the gospel as much as they do.

Some are “goers” who cross a culture, learn a language, and plant their lives on fertile soil of some unreached land; others are “senders” who are the supply line and financially underwrite the mission and partner with the missionary and carry their vision from the home front; yet others still are “mobilizers” who are teaching, training, and equipping those preparing for the missionary work. All these are essential, but not all of us find our involvement in one or all particular area. But where we do (and should) find ourselves at one in the missionary work is the powerful work of intercessory prayer. By providing information about some unreached people group of whom there is no gospel, no witness, no church, I am asking that hope-filled prayers would be offered in faith for the places where “the Gap” is widest.

In the future, I hope to use my blog in other various ways regarding the goal of developing world Christians, beginning with myself. There is a great danger, especially for those of us in the United States, to think and pray only for things related to us, our zip code, our ministry, our frame of reference. With all the day-to-day responsibilities and the busy schedules, our prayers may not rise any higher than the level of our daily stresses or concerns. By God’s grace, I earnestly hope that we can embrace the greatness of God with greater desires for His glory among all the peoples of the world.